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Web Design & Development + Branding Digital & Print Design + Creative Strategy

Welcome to CLVR /ˈklevər/, a creative company specializing in design and website development, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

We are here to elevate your vision by adding a personal and clever touch to your website, branding, print and digital, and creative strategy needs.



Here's some ideas on things we can help you with...

Website Design + Development

Website Development

Website Design

User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX)

Web Portal Design

App Design

Concept Designs

UI/UX Audits

Design (Digital + Print)



Business Cards

Digital and Print Ads







Promotional Products

Visual Elements 

Social Media Posts

Art Direction


Company Naming

Product Naming


Color Schemes

Social Media Branding



Visual Elements

Creative Strategy


Content Consulting

Creative Direction

Project Consulting

Client Facilitator  and Liaison

Project Management

Let's Do Something Together!




HAPPY clients

To Mention A Few…

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Dawson Home Group


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Me Gusta Music

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Moraine Music Group

Neto Finacial Group

Online Health Clinic

Soul To Soul Wellness

SpecialEd Simplified

Paul Allen Career Coach

Paul Winkler

Peddler Interiors

Thrive Logic

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Quality, Creativity, and Thoughtfulness...

Whether you are a startup or are established, whether you are starting from the beginning or looking for a fresh new look, we value your hard work.  We want to hear what you have to say, see your vision, recognize what you do and why you do it. CLVR is here to bring your vision to life with beautiful, thoughtful, and quality brands and websites that leave memorable lasting impressions with your clients and your work with us.

clev·er/ˈklevər/ adjective ● quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent. ● skilled at doing or achieving something; talented. ● showing intelligence or skill; ingenious.


More About Melissa Hollis

Graduating from Belmont University with a business degree, Melissa spent 12 years in Music Publishing and Artist Development. While in the music business, Melissa found herself gravitating towards designing album artwork and show posters. This led her to a degree in Graphic Design and holding positions as a Digital Project Manager, and later Creative Director, for a software development company. CLVR Creative is the culmination of years of business experience and creative passion.



Start With Experience.

Collaboration is key here at CLVR. First and foremost, we collaborate with you, the client. We also team up with fellow talented and reliable collaborators that allow CLVR to offer a full service experience and bring your project to fruition.Collaborators include specialized designers, illustrators, developers, photographers, content writers, and social media gurus.



Just The Facts.

1. What platform do you build your websites in?

We build our websites in WordPress (Elementor).

2. What software do you use for design?

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator and XD are the tools of choice.

3. What type of files to you give your client upon delivery?

Obviously, it depends on what type of services CLVR is providing, but the client can expect to receive all final versions of their design, and any files and elements needed.

4. Do you use my project, artwork, files etc. for anything else?

You own your project, and the elements that make up your project belong to you. We only ask that we may use for promotional purposes on our social accounts and the CLVR Work section of this site.

5. What about Payment?

Clients will be invoiced and clients can pay via credit card or check (Please make the check out to Melissa Hollis.)

We also accept Venmo and Paypal s forms of payment.

*Payments are typically broken up in to one, two or three payments depending on the size of your project. 

  • One time only payment.
  • One payment to start your project and the last payment due when you recieve your approved, finished project.
  • Multiple payments (for larger projects) can be agreed upon before your project begins.



Send us a message and let us know the type of project you are inquiring about. We’ll get back to you asap to answer any questions you have! 

*Feel free to leave a message or send a text.
Based in Nashville, TN